Camping trip to Ningaloo

First Day:

We headed off packed to the hilt with the Ford Ranger (with modifications), the Travelander DC and the Genesis 5.2mt boat full of gear. First stop from Margaret River was Geraldton. Along the way we regularly stopped to get fuel, use the rest rooms and buy a coffee or snack. This helped enormously with fatigue and also our aching backs which are not up to sitting for long periods of time. I will say that having a small cooler bag with ice brick in it to hold our food whilst on the road was great. No roadhouse food needed – what we had was healthy, nutritious food that lasted us all day.

Overnight stop:

We pulled in to our nephew Rob and his beautiful wife Rhi’s house at around 4.30pm. Perfect timing for a bevvy or two, a lovely cooked roast pork and some wonderful company before heading to bed a little earlier than usual. Their stunning house looks over the whole of Geraldton and they will soon welcome their first child into it.

A big tip for day one was the use of the App WAZE. A friend had told me about it for their kids in Bali and I thought this would be a good tool for navigation. We were not so much using it for the maps or directions but for the fuel station information. It gives you how far the fuel station is away, what the prices are for the day and it also warns you of speed camera’s. A very handy tool whilst on the road. If you are travelling with friends or in a group you are also able to use the app to log in and see the whereabouts of your friends and they can see where you are at. It can even give someone messages as to what your arrival time will be based on where you are, the speed you are travelling and the road conditions.




ute and travelander