Reel Services

Reel servicing is not currently available at Down South Camping – but what we would recommend is to send your reel back to the supplier and ask for a repair or service from the original brand.

Rod Tip and Eyelet Repairs

We are able to repair most rods that have broken tips or eyelets. We use only the best Fuji guides for repair.


  • Rod Tip: $15 for repair plus the cost of the tip (varies from $4.50 to $12)
  • Rod Guide: $30 per guide plus cost of guide (varies from $5.00 to $19.95)

Turnaround time varies depending on staffing levels & time of year – however, we always endeavour to complete as soon as possible for you.

Speargun Repairs and Made Up Rubbers for Spearguns

Our specialised staff are able to repair and refurbish most makes of spearguns. This may involve cleaning, new rubbers, new bungee, new shooting line, new trigger mechanisms and the like.

Each gun will be quoted on an individual basis due to their being so many variables with spearguns.

Individual rubbers are able to be made up from our bulk stocks of 14-20mm blue, amber and green, red rubber.

Rig Tying and Knot Demonstrations

Often we find our customers would like to see how a knot is tied or a rig for a particular fish is set up and we are only too happy to accommodate you with demonstrating this in store.

Whether it is a simple rig for herring or a paternoster deep sea rig for Dhufish – we can show you how.