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Day 2 Camping trip

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Day 2 Camping trip

Day 2 of the camping trip to Ningaloo:

Day 2 saw us get up at a reasonable hour and have brekky, pack the lunch for the day and head for our final destination for this two week period. The trip was good, no head wind and roads were all clear. We stopped and fueled up the boat and the car in Carnarvon as well as topped up the car at Minilya (knowing this was the last stop available for fuel before we headed out to the Ningaloo station). Yes prices were high – however we tossed up the difference between carrying that much fuel vs buying at the end at a higher price and we thought the later was a better option.

Track in to Ningaloo Station:

When we got on to the track that headed us towards Ningaloo Station we were pleasantly surprised that it was corrugated – but nowhere near as badly as we thought it was going to be. We had stopped at the beginning and let down the tyres on both the vehicle to 28psi and the boat trailer to 30psi to make the trip a bit easier. As much as it was only 32km in from the main road – it still took some time to get to the homestead as parts of the track really only allowed us to be crawling along at 5-10km per hour. We stopped at least three times on the way in to check that all was still OK around the vehicle and in the boat.

Booking in at the Homestead:

At the homestead we booked in, paid our cash for the two weeks and were given instructions on how to get to our campsite. By this time the sun was going down and we thought we had no problems as we only had about another 10km to get to the site. Little did we know that this track along the coast was even worse than the one in and so we had to crawl along, all the while the sun was going down. Lesson learnt in this case was to be start in the morning a bit earlier so that you get to your destination BEFORE the sun goes down as its very difficult to unpack, find level ground etc etc whilst you are in the dark. This is the website to book in before arriving –

Anyway we got there – spoke to our very nice and helpful neighbors Noel and Sue who were kind enough to offer us a coldy as well as help with set up, and after some careful consideration we parked the boat up and set up the camper just for the night.