Kettle Premium Enamel 2.5L Wildtrak


Featuring a camping kettle made of high-quality enamel with classic black color designed with white speckle. Sleek and fits with any décor, making it perfect for modern settings, campsite and at home.
It has a handle for easy moving and carrying, perfect for your warm beverages. They’re easy to use, enjoy making coffee and tea and holds enough amount of drinks! Perfect companion in your camp kitchen. An essential piece that is perfect for camping, travel, outdoor settings and more.
The Wildtrak offers an excellent and efficient camping and outdoor equipment, accessories, essentials, and more for your convenience and comfortable experience when out in the wild!

Product Type: Enamel Kettle
Capacity: 2.5L
Dimension: 25X21X17CM
Colour: Black w/ Speckle
Great camping essential

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Kettle Premium Enamel 2.5L Wildtrak

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